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Bi-curious. Volume 1, Serenity by Natalie Weber

For a straight girl, Serenity is surrounded by lesbians. Her older sister, college roommate etc… While her boyfriend Rock would love for her to be more “curious”, Serenity is certain she ain’t like that. Uh huh. When she meets Sadie, the lesbian version of every player you’ve ever known, her fantasies get the best of her and they begin an affair.  As we all know, first comes lust then comes lots and lots of complications.

Urban lit with a lesbian twist is a new trend I’ll be the first to admit I’m still adjusting to it. There is plenty of urban drama here and the requisite, “Oh girl, what DO you think you’re doing?”  This is a quick read with a lot of sex. Despite the lesbian slant-it felt very straight with male sexual terminology(with no men present) and strictly defined roles for the women characters. The story is predictable and a few pages in it will be clear what is going to happen.  However, Natalie Weber is the sister-in-law of Carl Weber so expect demand. 2011, 288 pages.

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Honey Flava presented by Zane

Hmmm, well, ahem.

While attending an urban lit seminar last summer I was introduced to the very popular, very steamy author Zane.  As I was ordering materials in the urban lit genre for the library, we got into a healthy debate about what was and was not acceptable for the library to purchase.  We do tend to self-censor collections out of fear of materials being challenged but I am glad to say that our department really engages in conversation to make these decisions.

Honey Flava is one book in a series of books from Zane’s website. They are collections of short stories that involve characters of different ethnicity. Honey Flava focuses on black/Asian couples in a variety of different styles and subjects. The only other constant is that the stories brim with sexuality.

What I like about Zane and her philosophies is that she just wants everyone, women especially, to embrace their sexuality. This is a good thing in our society. 2008, 261 pages.

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