Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

08 Jul

Sookie has a knack for finding trouble. So, it isn’t any big surprise to readers when Merlotte’s, the bar she works at, is firebombed while she is there. Sam, the bar owner, has just come out as a shape-shifter and it is suspected that those in the community who aren’t thrilled with his revelation might be to blame. In the meantime, Sookie learns more about her faerie family and is pulled into a vampire plot to kill the second in command to the King. Treason has never been so intricately planned.

I have really enjoyed this series and True Blood on HBO. However, this title reminded me of a Seinfeld episode. NOTHING happened. Yes, the blood bond between Eric and Sookie is broken so we find out if she really loves him. We also find out where Sookie’s ability to hear other people’s thoughts comes from. Otherwise, I’m not really sure where the author is headed with the series. I don’t like being negative about an author I’ve come to appreciate for her blunt and sexy humor but it can’t be helped. 2011, 325 pages.

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