The Intimates by Ralph Sassone

24 Jun

“At least he and Maize had each other. If they didn’t have romance or jobs or money or position or good housing just yet, they had their friendship. Friendship and company while they flailed.”

Robbie and Maize have been friends since high school when a brief romantic encounter gave way to friendship with the realization that Robbie was gay. After losing touch in college, the two are reunited and become fast friends sharing everything and living together as they struggle with what they imagined their life to be versus reality.

This book is the oddest little thing. Robbie and Maize are the best of friends yet their friendship is defined by so many moments of this reader going, what? I’d never do that to my friends or seriously? You care that little? Each character “thought” wonderful things about the other but their actions rarely transferred that affection into reality. The moments of the book that hit home were the individual reflections on the status of their life. You know, when you find yourself not settled down or not secure in a job when the rest of your peers are. Life doesn’t seem to be working quite right and it is in those moments that friendship shines through. Not a quick read despite its slim size. 2011, 247 pages.

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