On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea by Pablo Neruda

27 Apr

“…in the salty air of the coast the stars quiver.”

There are many books of poetry written by Pablo Neruda but I do not think I have ever seen one so beautiful. The poems included were written in what Neruda called his “autumn” and were inspired by his surroundings in his house at Isla Negra, Chile. Each poem is presented as an experience with paintings by Mary Heebner of Isla Negra first; the poem in its original Spanish and then the English translation by Neruda’s friend and translator Alastair Reid.

I love the ocean and can get lost in a poem of Neruda’s for hours so my review is a bit biased. I felt as if I was holding a gorgeous treasure waiting to be discovered when I got this book. Like I was walking barefoot in the sand, waves lapping at my toes with the gulls crying out while I search for the perfect shell or piece of sea glass. There’s a moment when you let the salt and the wind and the waves transform you. This book had me right there in an instant despite my completely land-locked location. 2003, 63 pages.

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