How I Stole Johnny Depp’s Alien Girlfriend by Gary Ghislain

01 Apr

So, I realized I was in a reading rut and starting picking up random green books to meet our library challenge for March. One of the ARC’s that came through the department caught my attention (really, who can resist Johnny Depp?) and I started reading…

David’s father is a renowned psychiatrist who has just acquired a new patient, Zelda. Zelda claims to be from the planet Vahalal where there are only women. Any men that show up on the planet are immediately destroyed. Zelda is on earth to claim her one true soul mate who just happens to be Johnny Depp. David immediately falls in teenage angsty love with bikini clad Zelda despite her clear disdain for him. Is David about to become an unlikely hero of an alien race or the latest sucker to believe a crazy girl just because she’s hot?

I started the book with curiosity and then just stuck around for the wild ride of teenage coming of age meets a hero’s heart of gold meets old school science fiction adventure. The story completely revolves around the plot and is so outrageous sometimes you just have to laugh and go with it. The characters are enjoyable and the French setting adds a little splash of different to the teen market. Save for one of those days when you need something quirky and fun. 2011, 208 pages.


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