Home For a Spell by Madelyn Alt

28 Mar

Maggie O’Neill is a fledgling empath witch in Stony Mill, Indiana. In this 7th book in the Bewitching mystery series, Maggie has a broken leg and is living with her current boyfriend Marcus. Feeling guilty for invading and taking over his life she starts looking for an apartment. When the landlord ends up face down in the pool before she can sign the lease-the mystery has just begun.

 Hmmm. I am not a fan of mysteries. They drive me nuts. I know, bad librarian. What I have liked about this series up to this point was that there was a great deal more involved in the story than just the “who done it” plot. This book changed completely and left me feeling like I was reading your average run-of-the-mill cozy amateur mystery. Woo. Maggie’s education into the magical world of witches is almost non-existent. While the series was taking a darker tone setting up a major storyline about the dark and mystical things happening in Stony Mill-none of that existed in this book. There was little danger or excitement and it just left me feeling ho hum. Readers of this series come to it for the different, the dark (with a touch of humor) and the magical. Hopefully this will be back in book eight. 2011, 290 pages.

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