Simply Irresistible:Unleash Your Inner Siren etc… by Ellen T. White

17 Feb


Yes, I am that librarian that totally judges a book by its cover.  I discovered this book by accident on the shelf kinda like a crow sees something shiny. Ooooh, it’s pretty and red! I admit, I snickered at the full subtitle and almost put it back. Ok, if you must know: Unleash your inner siren and mesmerize men, with help from the most famous and infamous women in history. Happy? 

Basically, the author has broken down the world of sirens into five different categories ranging from companion siren to sex kitten siren. It all sounds a little bit ridiculous until she breaks down each category into brief biographies about different women throughout history that have fit into each of the siren roles.  Each woman’s  background and how they used their feminine wiles and what lessons the reader can take away is provided. Still sounds silly?

I know, right!? But, it was so interesting that it became my nightly, historical People magazine type of indulgence. Some of the obvious sirens throughout history I knew (Cleopatra, Mae West, Angelina Jolie) but others I knew nothing about and their stories and how they made their way no matter what their circumstances made for an enjoyable read.

Oh well, it was a fun romp! Never apologize for your reading tastes, right? Hello?  2007, 259 pages.

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