Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

10 Feb

“My love is hot!” The words burst from her. “It’s a burning thing. It boils and churns and runs deep and strong. But all your emotions are cool and spare. You stand on the sidelines where you don’t have to sweat too much. Well, I’m not neat. I’m messy and wild and disruptive, and you have broken by heart.”

So, I threw out a challenge to our book competition in February to read romances which means…drumroll please…I have to read some romances.  First up, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Meg travels to Wynette, Texas for her best friends wedding to the own’s perfect son. Being there only a few hours she sees what no one else is willing to see-Lucy shouldn’t be marrying Ted.  When Lucy finally agrees she leaves Ted at the altar and flees town.  Meg, who is penniless and jobless is forced to stay behind and face the wrath of a small town who feels like it is all her fault the marriage of the century never happened.  Ted doesn’t make her life any easier but will the mutual animosity grow into something different?

What I like about Susan Elizabeth Phillips is she makes me laugh. Usually, the situations are far out of the realm of possibility for most readers-movie stars, models and football players. But, with each of her characters their humanity and flaws ring through with such familiarity and often bring hilarious results. The language is faithful to the romance genre without being completely over the top. The heroines are fiery, feisty and through the story learn that sometimes the best thing you can do is just lay it all on the line. Sometimes, that is just the kind of book you need to read. 2011, 385 pages.

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