Four Play by Maya Banks & Shayla Black

27 Dec

When Lora Leigh became a huge hit in my community I made a joke that we just weren’t ready for threesomes here in SW Missouri because the only one I was able to get quickly opened with a threesome. I am here typing today admitting I was wrong. Waaaay wrong.

Four Play contains two novella’s by popular romance authors Banks and Black. Both stories revolve around the theme of foursomes.  In Pillow Talk by Maya Banks, Zoe is in a committed relationship with her hunky firefighter boyfriend Chase.  What keeps their romance smokin’ hot is that they are both willing to share and help create each other’s ultimate fantasies. As it turns out, one of Zoe’s top fantasies just might involve Chase’s other two roommates (also hunky firefighters) Brody and Tate.  

Her Fantasy Men by Shayla Black is a classic story of the girl next door, Kelsey, who loves football and beer-especially with her three best friends-all male. The only problem is none of the guys can figure out why seems to show no interest in any of them. A plan is hatched to find out exactly where her heart is and woo boy, they have no idea that this just might be Kelsey’s ultimate fantasy.

Each story by the very nature of being a novella is a quick read. What makes them erotic rather than just erotica is that the reader witnesses the character development through the movement of the sex scenes-which are many and leave little to the imagination.  The sex is not gratuitous but rather is the catalyst to each character’s errrr growth. Go on now, get your mind out of the gutter!  The emotional connections and happy ending are present for romance readers who are ok with extra spice!  2010, 346 pages.

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