Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

05 Nov

Oh, Dexter. The fifth book in the Dexter Morgan series shows the reader a new Dexter. One with real feelings, emotions and the desire-darn it-to simply be able to take his new daughter Lily Ann to ballet lessons. Hold the phone; who are you and what have you done with our Dexter?  Dexter is more determined than ever to be a normal dad doing normal dad things but the rest of the world has other ideas. When a long-lost character pays a visit and the local vampire cannibal group sets their eyes on Dexter who knows what can happen.

Harsh review to follow: I thought that when Lindsay made the dark passenger disappear and everyone freaked out he knew better. Instead, we are careening back towards a Dexter that wants to be better and who wants his dark passenger to never be heard from again. Is that really a decision that a sociopath is capable of deciding? Does the birth of a child really have the power to transform “everything”? Perhaps, perhaps not. And that is where my less than happy with delicious daddy Dexter begins.   The pace is still quick and the suspense is present. But it didn’t grab me and freak me out until it was over. The twists weren’t all that surprising and even the big ones were easy to spot. I’ve been waiting for a certain character to come visit since his absence after book one but his storyline fell flat. I’m still a fan; I love the mind of Jeff Lindsay but this one is not my favorite. 2010, 350 pages.

The audiobooks of the Dexter series are traditionally read by Nick Landrum, who has said he loathes the whole premise behind the series. To me, that made his excellent reading even better. This go around, Dexter is being narrated by Jeff Lindsay himself. It was an adjustment even though I enjoyed getting the author interpretation-especially on Rita.

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