Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

14 Jun

Tessa is a stay-at-home mom with the perfect life. Her adoring husband is a pediatric surgeon and thanks to her hard work, her kids are on their way to being a part of the Boston elite.  Valerie is a single mom that runs in the same circles but is quickly shunned because she doesn’t quite fit the image the inner circle is wanting to portray.  Told from alternating viewpoints, when Valerie’s son Charlie is in a horrible accident and Tessa’s husband Nick is his surgeon the tides of change are set into motion with no one knowing where they may end up. 

Emily Giffin is fast becoming one of the “it” authors for the new chick lit. Her strengths are in her ability to create characters that are flawed, fallible and incredibly easy to identify with. Even if the topic is uncomfortable-which the affair topic is for many-you read it anyway and really see the good in each person even as they make poor choices that cause great upheaval.  Even tho the characters are what drive the novel, the pacing is fast and the only setting of true importance is in each woman’s point of view.  2010, 368 pages.

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