Once a Spy by Keith Thomson

07 Jun

Charlie can’t seem to get anything right, especially his love for the horses that has led him to owe over $20,000 to Russian loan sharks. When he gets a call that his father has been found wandering the city and hears the magic words Alzheimer’s  he imagines life on easy street as his fathers income will pay off his debts and make up for the lack of love lost between the two.

When Drummond saves Charlie’s life by adverting a surprise assassination and somehow knows how to hot wire cars and rescue them from an exploding house Charlie begins to realize that perhaps his father wasn’t the boring appliance repairman he thought he was.  Come to find out Drummond’s mind is of keen interest to several government agencies who are gravely concerned that the Alzheimer’s is causing him to leak top-secret information that they will do anything to prevent.  That this premise has never occurred to me before makes for an intriguing read.

I generally am not a spy/thriller reader but I picked this one up because of the rave reviews for a debut fiction.  The reader is quickly moved between each point of action intermingled with the internal struggle Charlie goes through realizing his childhood memories and animosities may be unfounded. The characters play second fiddle to the action and the detail around the different agencies hunting the father-son duo and their intentions.  The tension never lets up!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Danny Campbell. This is a perfect choice for the many male audiobook readers we have come in looking for a “manly reader”. He is gruff and scratchy and completely in character. However, it just ended up giving me a headache. Kudos to the strength of the story for keeping me listening.

If you recognize Keith Thomson’s name, he has written many nonfiction titles and writes for the Huffington Post. 2001, 334 pages.

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