Rage: A Love Story by Julie Anne Peters

01 Feb

“The ache I feel every time I see her. It’s killing me.”

Those two sentences really could sum up my review if when you read them, you picture moments in your life when you can’t breathe when you are without that certain someone for even the briefest moments. Johanna is the good girl of the story. Gets good grades, is well liked, visits the hospice where her mom died several times a week and has a straight best friend that she’s had a crush on forever… Then she falls for Reeve who seems the polar opposite. Reeve is hypersexual, rebellious and abusive thanks to an abusive childhood and drug addicted mother. Johanna’s fall for Reeve is so complete that she breaks down walls that have been in place for years but is her love enough to stop the rage? Johanna thinks so.

This was a gut-wrenching read. Neither character is without fault and each carries baggage at their tender years that both brings them together and tears them apart. There are no bad guys here and the reader is left feeling unsettled and uncertain throughout the book-just like one would in a relationship where you never know if the next minute is to be good or bad.  The emotional roller coaster is intentional as the reader is drawn into the character’s hearts. Good character development with fairly quick and disjointed pace make this an intense read.  Not for the light-hearted. 2009, 304 pages.

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