Are These My Basoomas I see Before Me? By Louise Rennison

20 Nov

Being the tenth and the final installment of the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson my review will be vair, vair wistful and nostalgic.  Ah, Georgia, you cheeky minx-oh how you have entertained us with your crazy teenage angst and red-bottomosity.

I’ve reviewed several of the books already here and this one is much the same. Georgia is your average teenager full of angst and humor with parents who are trying to rediscover their youth, a younger sister who is slightly mad and a most cranky and wonderful kitty cat, Angus, that often steals the show.  In this installment loose ends are tied up as Georgia finally makes a decision between Masimo and Dave the Laugh.  The characters are familiar, the pacing is very fast thanks to the diary format. My only complaint is that I think Rennison was trying too hard to make the final one memorable.  Laugh out loud laughter is not unheard of and I am thrilled to learn that among my friends, I am not the only one to take on the language oddities of Georgia. Dear Gott in Himmel. 2009, 310 pages.

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