Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

02 Nov

“Some friends fade away…others disappear”

Chris and Win have been friends for as long as each of them can remember. After high school graduation the two embark on a countrywide trek from Virginia to Seattle on their bikes before each head off to college.  Like many friendships that grow up together, Chris and Win know each other probably better than any other person on the planet. They know the troubles they face at home, the dreams not willing to let go to the flaws that make them human. But, as the journey nears the end Win leaves Chris on the side of the road with a flat tire and a ton of resentment. Resentment that continues to grow until the FBI shows up  and Win is nowhere to be found.

I started reading this book because my sport of choice is cycling and it got me thinking about what an adventure on my bike would be like-especially with my bff. After I stopped giggling at that image; I was quickly drawn into the story. It grabs you from the beginning as a good thriller should and intertwines stories from the present and the past expertly while dropping clues just when you think you’ve figured it out. The characters are relatable and heart wrenching in their growth. 2008, 245 pages.

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Posted by on November 2, 2009 in Young Adult


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