Hunting Down the Horseman by B.J. Daniels

29 Sep

Walking into the middle of a series can be a little tricky-even when it is a Harlequin series.  Faith Bailey is one of three sisters living in Whitehorse, Montana. What few people know is that her passion in life is trick riding, or performing different stunts on her trusted horse.

Jud Corbett is a stunt man on the set of a movie being filmed near Whitehorse, Montana. The film is destined to be a flop if they can even get the film made after all the “accidents” that have befallen key players. After Jud stumbles across Faith practicing her stunts he talks her into taking the place of the injured regular.  Will each find another passion in each other’s arms?

Giggle. I just had to write that last line. I am a fan of romance and one of its biggest advocates-but that just makes it more fun to joke with. Hunting Down the Horseman is part of the Whitehorse Montana-the Corbett’s series in the Harlequin Intrigue line of romantic suspense. What struck me about it was how much more of a romance story with some intense situations it was to me than straight romantic suspense. Don’t get me wrong-I liked it. But it has made me stop and do some more self-evaluation on what I think romantic suspense is. Daniels tells a good story that uses the Montana setting to bring the romanticism of the open West to readers who will enjoy the adventure. Characters are well drawn and relatable. 2009, 211 pages.

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