Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

21 Sep

When a book gets enough buzz surrounding it that the reviews don’t just compare it to Twilight but rather say it’s the first book to be just as good as Twilight-collection development librarians take notice. I sure did as did the young adult librarians in the system and as it turns out, everyone else.

The premise. Grace is fascinated with the wolves that live in the woods behind her house-especially the one with the yellow eyes that watches her. Despite an attack when she was young that should have killed her, she is a fierce protector of the pack.  What she doesn’t know is that the pack is not a group of average wolves, but are rather werewolves. The wolf with the yellow eyes is named Sam and during the summer, he changes to human.  After years of watching each other, fate is about to bring them startling close.

I admit, when I first started reading Twilight, I rolled my eyes a lot until I got hooked into the story. There is only so much teenage angst one can handle when you are no longer a teen. Shiver started the same way for me only it took me much longer to get hooked on the story. I haven’t seen that problem in the teens reading the book either, so I’ll chalk it up to my age.  The adrenaline mixed with the absolute certainty that this is the only person for you is an irresistible pull for many teens. The characters are well drawn and compassionate in situations that could easily bring out the worst in them.  I think readers who wanted just a little bit more from Twilight will find enjoyment in Shiver. 2009, 390 pages.

“Your life is sometimes a st one in you, and then, a star.” ~Rilke

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