Worth Every Step by K.G. MacGregor

24 Aug

I was reading the back cover synopsis before writing this and realized it followed the same format as a romance-the only twist being instead of a heroine and hero, there are two heroines. 

Mary Kate is almost engaged to the hottest bachelor in Mooresville, Georgia when after a chance encounter with a PBS program on Mt. Kilimanjaro, she ducks his proposal and decides to climb the mountain by herself.

Successful investment banker Addison Falk is resistant to join her father’s firm in London but saying no is hard when you’ve always said yes. To avoid the looming move from Miami, Addison decides to take an adventure and climbing to Africa’s highest peak sound perfect. 

Will Mary Kate and Addison find the will to not only face Kili but also the forces in their lives that may be pushing them in the wrong direction?  A light and easy semi-romance. Romance is definitely a key factor but equally so is the journey each character takes to figure out their careers and life paths.  Characters are familiar and MacGregor does an excellent job of staying away from lesbian stereotypes. 2009, 228 pages.

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