(Re)cycler by Lauren McLaughlin

17 Jun

The sequel to Cycler, Recycler picks up three months after the end of Cycler with the same basic premise. Jill McTeague has a unique problem in which for 4 days of the month she transforms into Jack-all parts assembled…if you know what I mean. Jill has a tough decision before her. Does she go to New York with her best friend Ramie so that her alter-ego Jack can be with his girlfriend 4 days a month or does she follow Tommy, and her own heart, on his long planned road trip across the United States?

I looked forward to reading Cycler wondering if the author was going to deal with sexual fluidity and the idea of two genders in one body. She does, but in a subtle way that tries to not offend anybody. Cycler took me a bit to get into-it seems like I was reading the author flushing out the idea of Jill and Jack before my eyes with mixed results but I was still hooked by the characters and their situations.

So, imagine my surprise, when reading an advanced readers copy of Recycler that I found that the ideas have been flushed and everyone is on much more solid ground.  Jack is given a much more prominent role in both substance and thought. The reader cannot help but get to intimately know Jill and Jack in their journey. They are sympathetic characters that despite the crazy scenario-people can relate too. The story moved between the viewpoint of Jack and Jill which can slow the pace down a bit but it still moves quickly. The really tough issues are dealt with almost too easily but readers will easily forgive. Its just one of those books that make you go hmmmm…cue music. 🙂 2009, 288 pages.

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