Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern

08 Jun

There are a few authors out there that I can count on for a really enjoyable read. My criteria for this is pretty simple-lots of laughs, characters I can believe in or relate to and a good well-written story. Not a lot of details, please. I know that about myself and I’m ok with that.

Cecelia Ahern is one of those authors with the exception of she’ll often make me laugh AND cry. I heart Cecelia Ahern.  She does all of the above and she also has a way of pulling on your heart strings without you realizing it until you are knee deep in tissues and laughing out loud as you blow. Geez, I am a mess.

Joyce Conway is haunted. After a terrible accident in which she loses a most precious gift, her already unhappy marriage falls apart and she finds herself moving back in with her father. When she starts spouting off facts and figures that she has no way of knowing and when memories come that are not her own she wonders if she’s finally cracked.

Justin Hitchcock is an American architect who moves to London to be close to his daughter. When in Dublin teaching a class, he is persuaded to donate blood to impress a woman. He goes on and on about how precious his blood is and how he would hope the recipient would shower him with gifts galore.

Where does it go from here? Ahhh, you must read the book! I can’t give away all the good dirt. The pacing is fast. The story is set in London and Dublin but for the most part this is not integral to the story. Ahern is from Ireland, so there are a few terms that can be confusing to American readers. The tone of the book bounces back and forth between despair and hope, grief and chaos. It is an emotional roller coaster that most readers will enjoy. There is a touch of magic in Ahern’s books and my suggestion is to just sit back and let it flow.  2009, 371 pages.

P.S. The audio book is read with an Irish accent. It adds greatly to the authenticity of the experience.


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