Sweet Life by Mia King

05 Mar

Marissa Price had the perfect life in Manhattan with a loving husband and adorable eight-year-old daughter.  When her husband, Paul, asks to uproot the family to Hawaii for a new job Marissa envisions a new life in paradise full of beaches, great sunsets and paradise. What she finds is a husband in the throws of a mid-life crisis, a run down house and more cows that beaches in her life.   But, instead of fleeing back to New York, Marissa starts to find her way through the heartache and manages to create a network of close friends and maybe, just maybe, finding the paradise they came there to discover.

There isn’t anything really unexpected in this book.  Marissa is a pretty well-drawn character and the reader gets to understand how she deals with the crisis at hand. The secondary characters bring entertainment and flavor to the book. The setting of the big island of Hawaii and the descriptions of local Hawaii versus what tourists know is a nice change of pace. Many Hawaiian recipes are included at the end of the book. 2008, 337 pages.

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