Honey Flava presented by Zane

05 Mar

Hmmm, well, ahem.

While attending an urban lit seminar last summer I was introduced to the very popular, very steamy author Zane.  As I was ordering materials in the urban lit genre for the library, we got into a healthy debate about what was and was not acceptable for the library to purchase.  We do tend to self-censor collections out of fear of materials being challenged but I am glad to say that our department really engages in conversation to make these decisions.

Honey Flava is one book in a series of books from Zane’s website. They are collections of short stories that involve characters of different ethnicity. Honey Flava focuses on black/Asian couples in a variety of different styles and subjects. The only other constant is that the stories brim with sexuality.

What I like about Zane and her philosophies is that she just wants everyone, women especially, to embrace their sexuality. This is a good thing in our society. 2008, 261 pages.

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