Don’t Get Me Started by Kate Clinton

17 Dec

Kate Clinton, stand-up comic,  grew up in upstate New York going to Catholic school and living in a closet so big and protected in had multiple alarm systems and a nice foyer.  This loose biography chronicles her life in chapters that revolve around different stories that give the reader an overview of her life up to the mid-1990’s.

I enjoyed reading this book. I found it on shelf while doing a weeding project and decided it would be good for me to connect more with other lesbians-even if it is just in book form.  Publication date is 1998 so the “current” references aren’t so current anymore but anxious readers will be happy to know a second book What the L was out in 2005 and I Told You Sois out in 2009.  The book is intimate in its brevity-readers will laugh at Clinton’s humor, wit and fierce devotion to everything woman. The pacing is quick and the frame is very laid back.  1998, 199 pages.

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Posted by on December 17, 2008 in GLBTQ, Nonfiction


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