Finding Home by Georgia Beers

24 Nov

Sarah has had a bad year. Her longtime girlfriend left her for a man and she has been unable to heal and move on. Instead she has become a rigid career woman with no balance. Natalie appears to just be a free spirit that has no worries and spends her days serving coffee and a local restaurant. But there is more to Natalie and she wonders what the sexy business executive across the counter is really like. When a fluke accident brings the two together to care for a dog they both love, maybe just maybe, love will blossom.

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing a movie trailer when I pull a summary out of my head. I even come equipped with that lovely, low booming voice. This was a fairly quick read with some character development. You could feel the conflict in the characters but you didn’t dive deep into understanding their life situations. The frame could be set anywhere and the storyline is one of humor, regret and second chances. Didi I like it? Parts of it hit home in a sad way but for the most part I enjoyed this simple love story. 2008, 240 pages.

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Posted by on November 24, 2008 in GLBTQ, Romance


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