As Good as it Got by Isabel Sharpe

24 Oct

“People who are never lost are just traveling paths that are too easy and too obvious.”


A little light reading…ahem. Ann, Cindy, Martha and Dinah are brought together at Camp Kinsonu a camp for adult women who have found themselves “suddenly single.”  Suddenly single can happen in a variety of ways as is represented by the group and despite all the activities, singing and touchy-feely opportunities at the camp the personalities and emotions of the women make the retreat anything but calm.  Hope and despair walk hand in hand in this novel that says It has to get better…’cause it can’t get worse!


When I say that to myself, something else bad happens. A hurricane makes all my windows leak or my father has a heart attack so I am very leery of such blanket statements. This book was a hard read for me but also somewhat therapeutic. High drama, emotional turmoil and some nuggets of pure life lesson wisdom intermingle with each other and create a story of four women that is hard to put down. Without a doubt, the characters are the soul of this novel. Their inner emotional turmoil and struggle is thrust at you early on. My only disappointment was that the fourth character, Dinah isn’t really examined like the other three are and that left me wondering why wasn’t she worthy? The pace is moderate to slow as an interior focused novel often is. The beauty of Maine and the surroundings of the camp set the scene well but are not integral. Any place that can provide space for solitary reflection would do. 2008, 301 pages.

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