Fluffy by Simone Lia

27 Aug

I’m not writing these in order, but this makes the third-yes third-graphic novel I have read. The first one that is not manga and I have to say the format is really growing on me.

Fluffy is a talking bunny that thinks he is human. He has a daddy, Michael, who tells Fluffy constantly that he is a bunny to no avail. After a very persistent one-night stand (who just happens to be Fluffy’s teacher…i know, stay with me) starts to stalk Michael he decides to take a vacation to Italy to visit his family. Fluffy can’t wait and a great adventure unfolds. Not really, but the beauty of the book is the simplicity of the story as it unfolds and shows Michael and Fluffy what is really important in their world. Family and of course, each other.

Simone Lia is a funny author. There are strange little quirks throughout the book including narrating dust particles, random singing men and other such odd off-shoots. Not a lot of words, but you have a good feel for the characters as you read the book and get to care about them. Fluffy could be any toddler with a million questions and utter devotion. It is touching, it is bizarre, it is funny as hell. Enjoy.

My favorite moment in the book is when Fluffy, for the millionth time, is asking daddy if he likes his tractor? Many responses later, Michael says with all earnesty, “I love your tractor because you love it Fluffy.” Ahhhhhh, sniffle, sniffle. You had me at tractor. 2008, 187 pages.

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One response to “Fluffy by Simone Lia

  1. Lisa Damian

    September 29, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    I just reviewed this graphic novel too. I loved the unique premise of this unusual relationship between a man and his precocious bunny.


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