Within a Whisper by Caroline Upcher

06 Jun

Within a Whisper is a story a lot of folks will recognize. A long-term marriage at the brink. Still in the same house but sleeping in different rooms and communication is strained and uncomfortable. In this story, even tho it is fiction, it is based on the true love and marriage of James and Nanci LaGareene.  Each of them wrote in to a contest called the “greatest love story never told” and won.  Told from Nanci’s point of view it traces their courtship, love and how they fell out of love with each other, caused great hurt to one another (including multiple affairs) and then finally realized what few couples do-that marriage is like life-unpredictable, painful yet also equisite or as I like to say, humanly flawed.

The writing style of the book is very simplistic and can sometimes be frustrating. The pace is fairly quick but the emotional toll the characters experience make it an emotional read with a mostly somber tone. 2001, 211 pages.

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