Feed by M.T. Anderson

04 Jun

Imagine if every device you carry around in your pocket, your purse or even your ear was all inside your head. You could instantly surf the web or chat with friends without the need for any equipment except ‘the feed’. Sounds great doesn’t it? How convenient, how easy-but at what cost?

Anderson explores what it means to sacrifice your own mind for convenience. You see, all these neat gadgets are run by the big corporations that by this time rule the United States and with their product they use different feeds to sell you even more products. Thinking about going on a trip or buying a motorcycle? The feed will cater the commercials in your head to what you are wanting at that moment. The problem is none of this is free and the have nots have little access to key information. But, the haves in this case are losing more than they can imagine-basic thought is shut down when a feed runs and everyone is starting to get these strange lesions…

If you can, listen to this book on audiobook. The feeds are done by an ensemble cast that makes them more real (and frightening) then the print can show.  The pace is quick and the storyline one of dire warning for the direction we are heading as a nation. The main character is hard to empathize with until you realize he is just being your average kid dealing with non-average situations.  Consider for teen book discussions. 2002, 237 pages.

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Posted by on June 4, 2008 in Young Adult


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