Start Living, Start Losing: Inspirational Stories That Will Motivate You

13 May

I had this book in my book bag for a really long time. I knew I needed to read it, I just didn’t have any desire to actually open the pages and read stories that resemble me. There was also the possibility that none of these stories about personal weight loss journeys would be anything like me-more like folks who just need to lose 10-30 pounds.  However, once I started reading, I was hooked. Page after page was full of folks who I recognized, related to and cried over. Yes, I cried. There were a few that hit so close to who I am and helped me to learn more about myself, I couldn’t help but cry.

Before this becomes more of a ramble than a review, let me say that this book is produced by Weight Watchers-a mighty business out to make money, yes. But, they also change lives and this book is a testament to that. The book is broken down into chapters that link the stories together-New brides, new moms; embracing challenge; A guy thing; seeking good health; family matters; changing my relationship with food, etc… This allows the reader to hop around to stories that can best inspire at that moment. The stories range from 3-5 pages long and move along at a fast pace.  This is not an informational book on how to lose weight-it is an inspirational book that asks the reader to engage with each character’s story to help make your own story a success. 2008, 239 pages.

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