Getting It by Alex Sanchez

25 Apr

“That night, Carlos dreamed about boobs.”

Are you serious? Do guys really think this way? After consulting with a few friends of mine, the definitive answer was heck yeah!  But what you would be surprised to know about this book is that it is written by Lambda Award winner Alex Sanchez and focuses on the gay youth community. What is different about the book is that it is told from the viewpoint of Carlos, a completely straight guy who is out to impress a certain hottie at school. Despite constant pressure from his group of friends, he befriends the only gay guy he knows in hopes of a teenage “queer eye” makeover. What he didn’t expect to find was true friendship, understanding and learning how to stand up for himself and his beliefs.

What I liked about this book is that it didn’t sugar coat anything. There were a lot of characters that were homophobic or at least ignorant about the pain their comments were inflicting. Fast paced and full of teenage angst, you get to know Carlos and what makes him click as a teen and yes, most of it has to do with boobs.  It is the rest of his journey that will keep you reading. 2006, 210 pages.

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Posted by on April 25, 2008 in GLBTQ, Young Adult


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