Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

04 Apr

I like to laugh. I like to laugh a lot, so it is surprising to me that I have never picked up a Terry Pratchett book. In fact, my father reprimanded me-his personal librarian-for not tuning him into Pratchett earlier in his reading career. What can I say?

So, I chose Pratchett on purpose as required reading for the Fantasy RA class I teach to the staff. I thought it would be a different read for all of us. I was right.

Carpe Jugulum is the twenty-third title in the Discworld series and revolves around a friendly king who just wants everyone to get along. Unfortunately, in his enthusiasm to be accepting he invites a few vampyres (the new hip spelling) to his kingdom. Major chaos ensues and the famed witches of Discworld are left to save the day.

Pratchett is best with humor that packs a punch. Nothing is sacred as he weaves myth, religion, political correctness into his web of ponderables. In fact, one of the folks attending the class brought a  thirty page list of different references he used in this one book alone.  The books are fast paced and full of memorable characters. The book easily stands alone, but you cannot help but wonder what background you might be missing.  1998, 378 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                

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