Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

02 Oct

Tally is the last of her friends to turn sixteen. Turning sixteen in her world means extraordinary things-she gets to have an operation that changes her from an ugly to a pretty. You see, in Tally’s world, there are no longer differences in people that would bring about anger, jealously or hurt based on race or appearance. Everyone gets to be pretty. What could be wrong with that? Right before she is about to change Tally meets Shay, an ugly like her who questions the operation and opens Tally’s eyes to what is sacrificed in the name of a perfect world.

The main characters of the story are well developed and create an empathy with the readers. The storyline is quick and easy to follow. The setting is integral to the story as it sets up a world that can easily be our future with bits and pieces of our present world that hints at what may come. The tone of the book is one of naiveté replaced by intense situations of a thought-provoking nature. #1 in trilogy. 2005, 425 pages.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Young Adult


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