Too Perfect by Julie Ortolon

02 Oct

Amy is scared to travel and after making a bet with her two best friends, embarks on a Caribbean cruise as a nanny. However, Amy finds herself stranded on the island of St. Barts when she misses the boat. Determined to hold up her end of the bet, she stumbles upon a job working as a housekeeping in a private residence where the owner never reveals himself. Known to the islanders as La Bete, or the beast, Amy is determined to bring Guy out of his shell. What she doesn’t know is that Guy is really Byron Parks- a billionaire that is known more for his lack of caring about anything except himself. Can Amy show Byron what life can really be or are they doomed from the start?

This romance is told from two viewpoints, Amy & Byron. However, most of the story comes from Amy. The tone is a mixture of light romance and facing the fears that hold you back from truly living. The pace is somewhat fast. The setting of St. Barts adds a touch of tropical flair but for the most part brings little to the actual storyline. 2005, 295 pages.

#3 in the perfect series. Almost Perfect, Just Perfect and Too Perfect.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Romance


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