Played by Dana Davidson

02 Oct

Ian is a player. His biggest goal of high school is to get into the elite group called the FBI-”Freaky Boys, Incorporated.” To be accepted into the group, Ian has to pass several tests. He is almost home free when his final test becomes getting a plain, unpopular girl in the school to sleep with him within 3 weeks. Ian has no problems taking the bet. However, he never imagined he might actually enjoy getting to know Kylie.

Kylie spends more time fixing dinner and taking care of her younger siblings then being a typical teenager. She knows something is up when the hottie Ian starts paying attention to her. But sometimes your heart takes precedence over your mind and Kylie finds herself trusting Ian and falling in love with him despite the rumors floating around school and the way he treats her when he is around his friends.

An astonishingly real look at what it is like to be a teenager-to be smart and careful but still have to wrestle with the huge emotions you face everyday. Easily read in a day, this book gives both parents and students fodder for conversation and reflection. Being a teenager in love is full of pitfalls and land mines and is all part of the journey of learning who we are. 2005, 234 pages.

Nominee for ALA Best Books for Young Adults, 2007.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Young Adult


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