My Liberal Education: How I Survived the First Four Years of George W. Bush by Elizabeth James

02 Oct

Pandora, a self-proclaimed liberal pacifist has just taken a job that is sure to shoot her to the top of her field as an assistant editor position at the Mooresville Messanger newspaper in North Carolina. What she failed to realize is that she was entering the small-town, southern lifestyle that is perhaps, a teeny bit different from her life view. After being shocked an awed by the town and by the changing landscape of America with Dubya as president and the terror of 9-11, Pandora realizes she has a choice to make about who she wants to be.

A clear left-wing agenda will keep those leaning right away from reading this fiction book that is based heavily in fact. Even the most left person may find themselves rolling their eyes at the thick commentary on the Bush agenda until they realize that there is something better happening with this novel-No one changes their political stance or personal opinions on hot topics such as abortion and gay marriage. Instead, they learn (just a little bit) to live beside each other and build a community instead of everyone running to their respective corners. 2005, 449 pages.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in General Fiction


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