Hidden by Tara Taylor Quinn

02 Oct

Tricia Campbell lives a simple life with a simple man she has grown to love. What he doesn’t know about her is that she is on the run from a life of wealth and privilege and an abusive husband. Tricia will do anything to protect her son including giving up the one man that she has ever loved. But Scott knows that something isn’t right with Tricia’s past and is determined to find out what it is and how he can rescue her before its too late.

Moderately paced, the novel attempts to include suspense which slows down the storyline. The characters are mostly one-dimensional and readers do not delve deeply into their psyche. The author wants the storyline to emphasize Tricia’s extreme poverty and horrid situation but instead becomes an exercise in minutiae describing anything in her environment that seems to be poor quality. The frame is not integral to the story-the setting could be anywhere that abusive husbands are found. 2005, 377 pages.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Romance


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