For One More Day by Mitch Albom

02 Oct

It is easy to pigeonhole Mitch Albom into a sappy category that you roll your eyes at but, then you read one of his books and you are captured by the intense emotional journey he takes his readers on. In One More Day, Chick tells the story of his life, his dreams and his mistakes that have cost him everything. It is easy to get lost in this thing called life and Chick does a bang up job. He holds his deadbeat father up on a pedestal and does whatever he wants in hopes that he will finally love him. When those dreams fail and his father disappears again Chick finds himself in an alcoholic tailspin that costs him the final moments of his mother’s life, his marriage and even his daughter’s wedding. Desperately lonely Chick tries several times to kill himself and fails. As he makes his way back to his old house he runs into his mother who has been dead for several years. Does she have the power to pull him back from the edge or will Chick be lost forever?

Deeply emotional and at times difficult to read about the downfall of a man that could be any of us. The story moves quickly as Chick has the opportunity most of us never get, to connect with a lost loved one and truly understand the power of love and family. Readers get to know Chick with all his faults and regrets and the development of his character is what makes the book. 2006, 197 pages.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in General Fiction


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