Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

02 Oct

Claudia Parr, a successful New York editor, has known for years that she does not want children. This little detail has defined her dating experiences and at 35, she resigns herself to spinsterhood. In steps Ben, Claudia’s dream man that also does not want any children. They marry and have a good life until Ben changes his mind and decides that having kids is a total deal breaker. Disappointed and devastated Claudia picks up the pieces and learns how to survive without Ben. Being alone gives her the time to reflect on what true love really means.

Baby Proof is a moderately paced novel that focuses on the character development of Claudia and Ben from a distance. There are no easy answers here and that is what makes Giffin enjoyable to read-the characters, the struggles and the story are all believable. New York is a formidable background but is not integral to the story. The tone is a juxtaposition between hope and despair. 2006, 340 pages.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Chick Lit


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