Harmless by Dana Reinhardt

19 Sep

Anna and Emma have been best friends as long as anyone can remember. Neither girl is popular as a duo but when they become friends with the school wild girl and unofficial slut, Mariah, they are boosted into a world of excitement and intrigue. Mariah’s older boyfriend plans a few parties for the girls and a group of his friends with disastrous consequences. As the story progresses each girl becomes entangled in the lies they have created to keep themselves out of trouble. But sometimes the choices you make bring about greater turmoil then you could have possibly imagined.

Reinhardt gives the reader a solid account of learning who you are in this world. Learning that our actions have direct consequences is one of the toughest lessons to learn in this life. The story is told alternating from each girl’s perspective and the reader gets to really know what is going on in the mind of each character. The moderate pace is slowed slightly by the interior, psychological musings of the characters. The story could be set anywhere as it is the atmosphere of stupid mistakes and growing up that rule the novel. 2007, 240 pages.

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Posted by on September 19, 2007 in Young Adult


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